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Turning Vision
Into Reality

Who We Are

Sheer Enterprises, established in 1991, quickly made a name for itself in the construction industry. Within just seven years, by 1998, we achieved a remarkable milestone by completing the highest number of remodels for Wendy's restaurants, surpassing the record of any other contractor. This exceptional achievement propelled our growth and reputation in the industry.

Building on this success, we embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, venturing beyond our initial base in Florida and venturing into the vast market of Texas. With a strategic focus on Capital Expenditure (Capex) Projects, we dedicated our resources and expertise to executing large-scale construction initiatives that delivered exceptional results for our clients.

In 2018 Sheer Enterprises recognized the need to develop a company dedicated to our client's reactive and CAPEX needs throughout the country. Through our successful experiences of utilizing in-house crews to complete larger facilities and construction projects with Sheer Enterprises, we created Sheer Service, that took both the in-house elements we already successfully operated within and combined it with the vendor network strategy our customers needed to address all their facilities needs through a single point of contact.

Our unique (hybrid model) structure combines in-house field management and crews strategically aligned throughout the US for our clients while being able to utilize our large sub-contractor network to meet client’s immediate needs and timeframes for reactive services. By combing both structures into a unique hybrid model, we are able to provide our customers with the speed of a nationwide service provider while ensuring controls are in place with our in-house field management team and field crews.

Our Clients

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