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Sheer University

Introducing our cutting-edge internal training platform, meticulously crafted to prioritize the growth and development of our esteemed employees. We believe in nurturing talent and empowering our workforce, which is why we have established an exceptional online training platform alongside our onsite training facility. This comprehensive approach ensures that our employees receive the utmost commitment and support in their professional growth and development.
Our online training platform, designed by industry professionals and subject matter experts, harnesses the latest advancements in e-learning and in person technology . It offers a diverse range of engaging and interactive courses, specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of our workforce. Whether it's honing technical skills, enhancing leadership capabilities, or fostering personal growth, our platform provides a learning experience that aligns with the aspirations and ambitions of our employees.
We take immense pride in the expertise and professionalism of our training platform's creators. Our team of industry professionals has crafted a curriculum that encompasses the latest industry trends and best practices. They bring a wealth of experience and insight, ensuring that our employees receive high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date training materials.
With our unwavering commitment to employee growth and development, our online internal training platform, in tandem with our exceptional onsite facility, sets the stage for continuous learning and skill enhancement. We firmly believe that investing in our employees' knowledge and abilities not only benefits them personally but also strengthens our organization as a whole. Together, we strive to unlock the limitless potential within each individual, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

Client Portal

Our CMMS Program Client Portal is designed to streamline and optimize your work order management process. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily access, create, and upload all your work orders, ensuring efficient tracking and execution of your maintenance tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Work Order Access: Gain instant access to all your work orders from a centralized platform. No more searching through paperwork or juggling multiple systems – everything you need is just a few clicks away.

  2. Seamless Work Order Creation: Create new work orders effortlessly, providing detailed information about the task, priority level, and required resources. Our intuitive interface ensures that you can quickly generate work orders without any hassle.

  3. Hassle-free File Upload: Attach relevant files, documents, or images directly to your work orders. Whether it's equipment manuals, inspection reports, or photographs, our portal enables easy file uploads, ensuring all the necessary information is readily available for your team.

  4. Notes and Communication: Keep track of essential notes and communicate vital information within the portal. Our built-in messaging feature allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring everyone is up-to-date on work order progress and any changes that may arise.

  5. Status Updates: Stay informed about the status and progress of your work orders. Our intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview, allowing you to monitor job trajectories, track completion rates, and identify any potential bottlenecks.

By leveraging our CMMS Program Client Portal, you can maximize your productivity, enhance collaboration, and improve overall efficiency in managing your maintenance tasks.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and disjointed systems – experience the convenience and power of centralized work order management.

Our affiliations
  • RFMA Association 

  • Connex

  • IFMA Foundation and Young Professionals


  • Specs

  • Ashrae

Client Feedback
Sheer Service is a true vendor partner with The Hertz Corporation. From their upper management leaders, to their dedicated Account Managers and Service Team Member, Sheer is completely engaged in driving a successful partnership with all members within my facilities team. Sheer offers a unique structure that combines both in-house techs, field managers and a reliable and trusted sub vendor base to react to and complete any and allrequests needed for our facility projects.
-Hertz Corporation
I have worked with Sheer for over 15 years. They have been my consistent go-to contractor for not only my planned Capital projects but, also for any emergencies within my regional territory. I know whenever I pick up the phone to call Sheer for a project or emergency, that from the time they answer, they are handling the situation and will keep me updated accordingly. I have partnered with Sheer on everything from car strikes, hurricane prep and clean ups, break-ins, flooded restaurants, ADA compliance issues, pest concerns over the years. No matter what the situation, Sheer has a solution and is reacting with the utmost attention to address my market’s facility needs.
-Darden Restaurant Group
Our experiences with Sheer Service, LLC has been nothing less than dependable with outstanding communication and resolution to all of our needs. The workmanship has been above-average with a care to the stores needs no matter the time of day or night, 365 days a year. Their commitment to excellence is evident at every level, from their executive management to their dedicated service team. The partnership and trust between our organizations is exemplified by Sheer Service actively seeking opportunities to present cost-effective repair options and ensures that work is accurately classified, preventing unnecessary emergency charges for non-urgent issues. 
-City Facilities Management
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